Digital Setting / Digital Display


This temperature controller is small but high-quality, equipped with heater friendly PID control.
Evolved from previous model (OT-3) , this controller has timer/alarm/communicating function, supporting two types of sensors.
OT-9 can widely support temperature adjustment needs.


Input part Input voltage AC90V-AC240V(Single Phase) 50/60Hz
Input sensor
  • Thermo-couple K(CA) (JIS C 1602-1995) Impedance 1MΩ or more
  • RTD Pt100Ω·JPt100Ω(JIS C 1604-1997) 3-wire circuit
Sampling period 0.5sec
Output part Power Rating AC240V Maximum(Single Phase) 15A or below (Load Resistance)
Output form Voltage output with SSR
Burnout OFF At the time of error
Output monitor Four-digit indication in upper and lower windows, Operation indication with LED lamps
Measurement part Display range Thermo-couple -210 - 1382°C
RTD Pt100Ω, JPt100Ω -199 - 520°C
Setting range Thermocouple -210°C - 1382°C
RTD(Pt100Ω, JPt100Ω) -199°C - 520°C
Setting and representational accuracy set value ±0.3%. set value ±4°C, if the value is negative.
Control part Control operation PID Auto tuning or ON/OFF
Control Method Four heating/cooling preferences with a total of eight settings are available.
Function Simple timer function Start/Stop Five Setting are available.
0.00minute to 59.59minutes, 0.00hour to 99.59hours.
Alarm output Rating : 250VAC 2.4A (load Resistance) 1a contact.
Telecommunication facility Conformed to standard RS-485.
Others Power consumption 10VA or below
Memory unit EEPROM
Operation condition 0-40°C 35-85%RH (Condensation not allowed.)
Terminal stand Line : M3.5 Sensor : M3
Size W95×L160×H77(mm)